Mouyuan Sun (孙谋远)
Mouyuan Sun (孙谋远)
Associate Professor of Astronomy, PhD
Department of Astronomy,
Xiamen University,
Physics Building of Xiamen University,
No.1 West ZenCuoAn Road, Siming district,
Xiamen, Fujian Province, China, 361005

Welcome to my homepage. I’m currently an associate professor (selected as Nanqiang Young Top-notch Talents (class B) of Xiamen University) at the Department of Astronomy, Xiamen University. I’m an astrophysicist who studies the astrophysics of supermassive black holes (e.g., the one you watched in the famous movie Interstellar; or read this nice review for non-expert) in the center of active galaxies. In the meantime, I’m also interested in smaller black holes, namely, the stellar black holes and the intermediate-mass black holes. I use multi-wavelength data (collected by various telescopes spanning the electromagnetic spectrum), high-quality light curves and theoretical models to probe the astrophysics of black holes. Please check out this website or some of my publications to learn more about my research.

Current Position
Associate Professor of Astronomy
Xiamen University2019.08-present

Research interests: AGN, Black hole astrophysics

Prior Appointments:
Research Associate
University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)2019.02-2019.06

sponsor: Yongquan Xue

University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)2016.02-2019.02

supervisor: Yongquan Xue

Xiamen University2010.09-2015.12

thesis: A Multi-messenger Study of Black Hole Accretion Systems, advisor: Wei-min Gu

Long-term visiting student
Penn State University2013.08-2015.08

supervisors: Niel Brandt, Jonathan Trump

Bachelor's degree in Physics
Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST)2006.09-2010.06

project: The Spectral Energy Distribution of ADAFs with Outflows, supervisors: Dingxiong Wang, Xinwu Cao, Shuangliang Li

Nanqiang Young Top-notch Talents Supporting Program of Xiamen University
Xiamen University2020.01-2024.12
NSFC General Program
National Natural Science Foundation of China2020.01-2023.12
NSFC Youth Program
National Natural Science Foundation of China2017.01-2019.12
General Program
China Postdoctoral Science Foundation2017.01-2019.02

first class

The China Scholarship Council2013.08-2015.08
Primary mentor
Xiamen University2021.11-present

XMU Undergraduate Student, Mr. Shuo Liu (刘烁)

Primary mentor
Xiamen University2021.09-present

XMU Graduate Student, Ms. Danyang Li (李丹阳)

Primary mentor
Xiamen University2021.04-present

XMU Undergraduate Student, Ms. Jie Chen (陈洁)

Primary mentor
Xiamen University2020.09-2021.09

WSU Graduate Student, Ms. Kexuan Wu (吴珂瑄)

Primary mentor
Xiamen University2020.09-present

XMU Graduate Student, Mr. Guowei Ren (任国伟)

Primary mentor & thesis advisor
Xiamen University2019.12-2020.5

XMU Undergraduate Student, Mr. Jie Ma (马捷)

Now at Fudan University as a graduate student

Primary mentor
Xiamen University2019.09-present

XMU Graduate Student, Ms. Ting Li (黎婷)

One first-author paper published under my supervision (arXiv: 2104.12327).

Co-mentor & thesis advisor
University of Science and Technology of China2017.09-2019.05

USTC Graduate Student, Dr. Jun Xu (徐骏)

Two first-author papers published under my supervision (arXiv: 2003.10078; 2004.10372).

Now at No. 32 Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation as an employee

University of Science and Technology of China2019.03-2019.06

USTC Graduate student, Ms. Junyao Li (李俊瑶)

One first-author paper published under my supervision (arXiv: 1905.06538).